Tarmac Sportz Series




There are 13 Tarmac Sportz rounds on offer in 2023, with each focused on one of four motorsport disciplines – Circuit Sprints, Time Challenge, Hillclimb or Point to Point. Anyone who has a Motorsport Australia Speed licence, helmet and a vehicle that meets safety requirements is eligible to enter.


Whether you are someone who wants a low-risk environment to have a spirited drive in your car or are looking to become a regular motorsport competitor, Tarmac Sportz events provides plenty of excitement, challenge and enjoyment!

Announcing the WASCC Tarmac Sportz Championship! WA Sporting Car Club members have the opportunity to accrue points towards Tarmac Sportz Championship and Series trophies with each round they compete in.

Awards on offer are:

– WASCC Tarmac Sportz Championship – Outright
– WASCC Time Attack Series – Outright
– WASCC Time Challenge Series – Outright
– WASCC Point2Point Series: P2P Time Attack, P2P Time Challenge

More information regarding the Championship is contained in the ‘Championship Points, Trophies and Awards’ tab and the 2023 WASCC Tarmac Sportz Standing Regulations


Time Attack
The aim of Time Attack is to set your fastest lap time around the Main Circuit. It’s not a race, so you can test your speed without the pressure of door to door racing. Sprint events can either be a stand-alone event or run in conjunction with a race meet.

Time Challenge
Time Challenge is about tactical driving, consistency and not necessarily outright speed. After some practice laps the competitor nominates a lap time they believe they drive consistently to over each trial. Points are deducted for being over or under the nominated time. The driver with the least deductions is the winner.

This discipline has it all! Speed, hill climb, motorkhana and time challenge all rolled into one for the ultimate test of driver and machine. Drive the entire CARCO.com.au Raceway facility, including the Main Circuit, Jack’s Hill, Infield pit areas, pitlanes and all varying in direction with the start at point A and a finish at point B. There are two different categories to choose from, testing your speed or your precision.

Time Attack Category 

4 runs, all timed with the fastest accrued time overall runs of the event crowned the winner. Get to the end as fast as you can, just make sure you leave all the cones and barriers in place as you go!

Time Challenge Category

4 runs where you estimate your time to get to the finish, and this is compared against your actual time. The difference between your ETA and your actual time overall runs of the event determines the winner. Precision is key here. Keeping your run accurate and meticulously focused on hitting your estimated time is the name of this game.

Hill Climb
Utilising the Jack’s Hill Climb track at CARCO.com.au Raceway, this discipline is a speed event with the added difficulty of the undulation of the track getting the adrenaline pumping! Starting at the bottom of Jack’s Hill, cars will ascend up the layout one at a time to the top. There are two categories to choose from:

Hillclimb Time Attack Category

Fastest time overall to the top of the hill of the event crowned the winner.

Hillclimb Time Challenge Category

The first timed run provides a benchmark which you may use for their Nominated Time. The remaining 3 runs will be competitive runs where penalty points are received for recording faster or slower actual times compared to the nominated time.

For more detailed information on the running of each discipline please see the Tarmac Sportz Standing Regulations

Club Membership
Entries to this series are open to all current members of a Motorsport Australia affiliated Club. You must be able to provide a membership card showing your membership expiry date on the day of the event. If you don’t have a club membership, you can join the WA Sporting Car Club. Please see our membership page to see WASCC member benefits and find the membership plan most suitable for you.


Licence Requirements
All drivers entering Hill Climbs, Time Attack, Point2Point and Time Challenge must have a Motorsport Australia Speed licence at a minimum to enter. Day licences are not available for this series. If you don’t have a licence, follow this link to find out how to purchase a licence.

To find out more about these licences, follow this link to the MotorSport Australia website.


Driver Apparel
All competitors must wear helmets complying with current Australian Standards to the specifications of each discipline. Those driving in open vehicles require goggles/visors or a full-face helmet complying with the standard as listed in Schedule D of the current Motorsport Australia Manual of Motor Sport. Fire-resistant clothing is recommended, otherwise, competitors must wear woollen or cotton clothing covering the body from ankles to wrists and neck, and suitable and appropriate closed footwear. All apparel must comply with Schedule D of the current Motorsport Australia Manual.


Vehicle Requirements
Prior to each event, all vehicles must pass through the scrutineering process in order to deem that vehicles are safe to compete. To ensure you are presenting your car as best you can, here are a few tips on what is required depending on the type of vehicle.

Road Registered Vehicles – no loose items, firmly secured battery, no oil or fluid leaks, stickers showing battery and tow points, battery secured and terminals covered, seat and seat belts secure and in good condition, no holes in front and rear firewalls, all signal lights working, fuel systems enclosed, braking system in first-class condition with brake fluid no more than 6 months old and plenty of friction material remaining on brake pads and brake linings, a securely fitted fire extinguisher, which complies with AS 1841 (extinguishers which meet AS 1841.2 are not permitted). The Chief Scrutineer will be paying special attention to mounting brackets for fire extinguishers.


Dedicated Competition Vehicles – as for Road registered vehicles, if fitted with a lighting system this must be operational. All vehicles recording sub 63 second lap times on the CARCO.com.au Raceway long circuit must be fitted with an approved Rollover Protection System, Race Seat (For production-based vehicles) and Racing Harness. Drivers of logbooked or sub 63 second vehicles must wear approved Race apparel and HANS/FHR type device. Further details from the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport.


At the Venue
Our onsite caterers will be open during the event and have a full menu from coffee and muffins, to burgers and cola!

There is plenty of parking available for spectators, with many child-friendly areas next to the track to park, so you can bring the whole family and a picnic while not missing a moment of the action.

No BYO alcohol or animals are allowed on any part of the venue.


Entering an Event
Entries are via the Motorsport Australia portal which you will have access to once you have obtained your licence.

Entries close on the Wednesday prior to the event at 4pm.

Withdrawal of an entry before the closing date will incur a $50 processing fee, with the balance held in credit at WASCC. Should multiple events be offered on one day and a driver wishes to enter multiple events, the entry fee for each event is applicable.

Withdrawal after the close of entries does not receive a refund.

Championship and Series trophies (1st, 2nd, 3rd [competitor numbers permitting]) will be awarded for:

– WASCC Tarmac Sportz Championship – Outright
– WASCC Time Attack Series – Outright
– WASCC Time Challenge Series – Outright
– WASCC Point2Point Series – Outright


Participants are required to be WASCC members to be eligible for Championship and Series trophies.


Should a non-member apply for WASCC membership prior to their 3rd Tarmac Sportz event for the season, the points accrued by the new member in the first 2 events will count towards the total points for the Championship and respective Series (membership subject acceptance by the WASCC Committee).


All competitors, whether WASCC members or non-members are eligible for trophies at individual events (rounds).


All Series events count towards the respective Series competition and the WASCC Tarmac Sportz Championship (except if a competitor enters more than 1 discipline in an event only the highest scoring discipline will count towards their Championship total).


The WASCC Tarmac Sportz Championship winner will be determined by the highest aggregated total of Championship points achieved in all individual events.

In the event of two or more competitors having the same points total, the winner shall be the competitor with the highest number of Series wins. In the event of two or more competitors having the same number of Series wins, the winner shall be the competitor with the highest number of individual event wins. In the event of two or more competitors having the same number of individual event wins, the winner shall be the competitor with the highest number of individual events contested. If the results remain locked beyond these countbacks, a tie will be declared.


Championship Point scores for each round are accumulated according to the following table:

Position Points
1st 25
2nd 20
3rd 18
4th 17
5th 16
6th 15
7th 14
8th 13
9th 12
10th 11
11th 10
12th 9
13th 8
14th 7
15th 6
16th 5
17th 4
18th 3
19th 2
20th 1

Q. Do I have to be a member of the WA Sporting Car Club?

A. No, but you do need to be a member of a club that is affiliated with Motorsport Australia. However we would love to have you join us at WASCC! Should you be interested in seeing our membership options, or to join the club, please follow this link.

Q. If I join the WA Sporting Car Club, what type of membership do I need?

A. All levels of WA Sporting Car Club membership are eligible to enter Tarmac Sportz Series events. Please refer to our membership page for benefits, price and sign-up information.

Q. Who or what is Motorsport Australia?

A. Motorsport Australia is the sanctioning body for all WA Sporting Car Club events. Essentially this means they provide us and you with a level of public liability for event days, with all drivers requiring a membership with a Motorsport Australia affiliated club, and a relevant Motorsport Australia licence.

Q. What is a Motorsport Australia licence, and how do I get one?

A. To compete at any event sanctioned by Motorsport Australia, all drivers must have a current licence relevant to the level of competition they are looking to join in on. For the Tarmac Sportz Series drivers are required to have a Speed licence. To see the Motorsport Australia licence options, or to apply, please follow this link. You can also pop into our office to apply for a Motorsport Australia licence.

Q. What sort of car can I bring?

A. We have a saying here for the Tarmac Sportz Series, ‘run what ya brung!’ Fang your Ferrari, or hoon your Hyundai, or even bring your home built car, all are welcomed! All vehicles do need to pass a scrutineering test before each event to ensure it is safe to be on track, but if you are concerned whether you car will pass, please don’t hesitate to contact the WASCC office on 93068022.

Q. Does my car need anything special to compete?

A. Cars will require a mounted fire extinguisher with a minimum 900grams complying with AS 1841.

Q. Do I as the driver need anything special to compete?
A. All drivers need to wear a helmet complying to current Australian Standards, cotton or wool clothing preferred covering to the ankles, wrists and neck, and closed in shoes.

Q. What is scrutineering?

A. Scrutineering is a process before every meet where our Scrutineer Officials check over the cars to ensure they are safe to be on the track. To prepare your car for this process, ensure you have no fluid leaks, seatbelts have no tears, there are no loose items in your car, your battery is secure with the terminals covered, brakes in good condition, and a fire extinguisher securely fitted.

Q. So if I am brand new to racing, and I am bringing my ‘everyday car’, what costs am I up for?

A. A Motorsport Australia affiliated club membership (cost variable depending on club and membership level)

A Motorsport Australia Speed licence

A fire extinguisher

A helmet complying with current Australian Standards

Once you have these 4 points sorted, you’re good to go!

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