Just like when you drive on a road you need to be licenced, you also require a licence to participate in motorsport. Most events held by the WASCC are sanctioned by Motorsport Australia (MSA) and so require the participant to hold a Motorsport Australia licence. Event supplementary regulations will confirm what level of licence needed to participate if you are unsure.

Motorsport Australia licences can be applied for through the Motorsport Australia website.

Introductory Licence

Suitable for people who want to participate in a Come and Try style event.

These licences are only valid for a single event and can only be applied for once a year. Introductory licences are an individually numbered form that you will be given on event day to complete. You can not apply for these online.

Price: $30*

Speed Licence

Suitable for use at multi-club events such as sprints, hillclimbs, regularity (Time Challenge) and Point2Point.

These licences are valid for 12mths.

Price: $165*

Apply via Motorsport Australia


Circuit Licence (also at this level is Rally and Off-Road licence)

To compete in ‘door-to-door racing’ where a grid of vehicles is released at the same time, you will need a Circuit Licence. This will enable you to compete in circuit race meets at a state and national level.

These licences are valid for 12mths and to obtain the licence you need to have completed an Observed Licence Test (OLT) and have your doctor complete a Medical Examination Record. See the licence application for more details on the requirements.

Price: $550*

Apply via Motorsport Australia


International Circuit Licence (also at this level is International Rally licence)

If you would like to compete in events overseas, then you will require an International licence. There are different categories of Circuit International licences, which have differing application requirements. If you are unsure as to the category of International licence you require then please call Motorsport Australia Member Services on 1300 883 959.

Price: Variable depending on category required.

Apply via Motorsport Australia


Licences for Alternative Sanctioning Bodies

Other Motorsport licencing organisations include Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) and Racers. Please consult their websites for licence information, application process and prices.

* Licence prices correct as of 2023.