Our DriftWest Practice Nights / Days give you a great opportunity to have fun drifting in a welcome and safe environment. Both the skidpan and circuit are open. The skidpan is perfect for amateur drifters and those who would like to take passengers, and the circuit is suited to the more experienced drifter to slide at speed. We also hold Jack’s Hill days for those looking to mix it up.

Everyone is welcome, but if you are a member of the WASCC you can enter drift practices for just $105 (Non-Member rate $190). No prior booking required, register at the Race Administration Office on the day.

Members are also able to purchase Drift Practice packs which include entry to all 7 practice events. For further information – click here.

Spectators are only $15 per car. Please note, as CARCO.com.au Raceway is a licenced venue BYO alcohol is not permitted.



  • Secure fire extinguisher
  • No oil or fluid leaks
  • Battery and tow point indicators (stickers)
  • Battery secured and terminals covered
  • Seat and seat belts secure and in good condition
  • No lose objects in the car
  • No holes in front and rear firewalls
  • At least one forward facing and one rear facing light
  • Fuel systems enclosed
  • Roll cage padded around head impact area (if applicable)
  • Neat & tidy appearance.

Motorsport Australia Drifting Regulations

Roll Cage Specifications  (Drift vehicles are classed as Type 2 vehicles. Relevant information for Type 2 vehicles starts on Page 13.)


Passengers will need to present to race office to register. Passenger ride cost is $25 per passenger. Passengers require long sleeves, long pants, enclosed shoes and a helmet meeting Australian Standards.

For drivers who would like to take passengers, you will need to seek approval from the Clerk of Course before taking passengers. Only drivers with a history of being an experienced and competent drifter will be entrusted to take passengers. For those who would like to take passengers on the main circuit / Jack’s Hill, your vehicle will need a roll cage meeting MSA specifications (link above).

Passenger rides are not available at all events.

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