General, Ultimate or Life Members of the WA Sporting Car Club can apply to lease an on-site garage at Raceway.

There are several benefits to having garage access, including:
• Provides a convenient and cost-effective place to store your vehicle, tools, and equipment for events.
• Eliminates the need to bring your vehicle to and from WASCC for events.
• Eliminates the need to pay for carports on race days.

As a result, there’s an extensive waitlist for garage allocations. To be fair to members on the waitlist, there’s a requirement to be an active participant in WASCC events as either a competitor or volunteer to maintain your eligibility for a garage.

Garage eligibility is reviewed yearly.

Available garages are offered to active members in the order they have joined the waitlist.

To join the waitlist for a garage please download the garage application form and email to

For Full Garage Terms and Conditions available from our Terms and Conditions page – CLICK HERE