Farewell Andrew

Today we farewell Andrew Stachewicz.

Andrew spent more than five years with us and achieved much in that time.

Andrew was taken from us suddenly following a tragic vehicle accident on the 30th of July.

Andrew grew up in the northwest of Western Australia before commencing officer training with the Australian Army where he achieved the rank of Major before returning to Perth. After his return he worked as the General Manager of the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club where he worked for many years before joining us.

When Andrew came to us, the Club faced a bleak future with cultural and financial concerns. These matters were compounded by a government department intent on managing the control of our great raceway.

All challenges that lesser men would have shied away from. Andrew had determination and strength of character and regardless of popularity always got the job done for the betterment of the Club.

In Andrew’s time we resolved the issues with the State Government and amongst other things we renewed our lease, built stronger relationships with key stakeholders, saw a return of motorcycle competition to the raceway, resurfaced the raceway, developed a Supercar contract that ensured we would not take a loss, developed a pathway to financial wellbeing and embarked upon a program of much needed cultural change within the Club.

One of the lessons Andrew taught many in the management of the club is much can be achieved when we all pull together in the same direction. This is part of Andrew’s legacy. A legacy that has brought us forward and must not be discarded.

Our thoughts remain with Andrew’s family and our sincerest condolences to wife Anastasia and children Lily, Dominic and Eva.

Andrew Stachewicz, thank you for your service, you will be missed.

Rest in Peace.