Announcement: Covid Restrictions and May 1st Meet

Last night the Premier announced a lifting of restrictions as of midnight, Friday, 30 April.

This will result in some changes to the conduct of the race meeting on Saturday, 1 May. Namely,

• Face masks need not be worn outdoors. However, please carry a mask in case you need to enter a building as they will be required inside the Race Office, Race Control, Admin office and other indoor spaces.

• Drivers may have their full complement of pit crew. The restriction of 2 has been lifted.

• Spectators are welcome. Again – we advise you to carry a mask in case social distancing is not possible or you wish to enter a building.

For the sake of clarity and not having to change all relevant documentation, all other procedures as outlined in the Supplementary Regulations and briefing paper remain (unless amended by further regs approved by the stewards). This includes provisions with respect to:

• Drivers (in pit lane) & Officials (in Official’s areas) briefing.

• Equipment pick-up and drop off (1 designated person for each functional area).

• trophy presentations and bar opening (McCrackan House will not be opened).

We still ask that you respect the social distancing rules and scan a QR code with the SafeWA app. These will be at the gate when checked in and at various sites within the raceway.

Thank you to everyone for approaching what could have been a frustrating time of uncertainty with a positive outlook. We appreciate it.