Open wheelers to open first Night Masters at Wanneroo Raceway for 2021

Motorsport fans can come get their fix of open wheel racing during the day with Formula Vee, Formula Ford and Formula Racing (aka Classics/Historics) hitting the track from 11.50am onwards

While the focus for the Night Masters is always on the night racing, motorsport fans can come get their fix of open wheel racing during the day with Formula Vee, Formula Ford and Formula Racing hitting the track from 11.50am onwards.


The Formula Ford category will be on track for the first time since the final round of 2020 which was coincidently a Night Masters round. Racing in the first race of that round was super tight with Andrew Malkin, who is now racing in the FSR WA series in a Radical, pipping Mark Pickett by just 0.0252 seconds. However that was about as close as first and second would get for the rest of the round with varying weather playing to different strengths and weaknesses.

However back in 2nd, 3rd and 4th for the 2nd race, just 0.1324 would cover the three places with Malkin, Craig Jorgensen and Joshua Matthews fighting it out for podium positions. The final race of the day would see a larger cap between competitors at the chequered flag, however still close racing throughout.


The Formula Vee field is split in two with 1200 and 1600 CC engine sizes the definer. In the 1600 field at the opening round of 2021 a scary incident saw David Campbell end up on his side in the inner pitwall but walking away with just a bruise. This didn’t deter the rest of the field putting on another round of classic wheel to wheel racing with 0.134 seconds splitting Mark Horan and Rod Lisson in the final race.

Down in the 1200 CC class, it was to be a triple family affair again with the Welsh family lining up, however Bruce was not permitted to race so it was left to April and Connor to fly the Welsh flag for the round. Connor sat towards the back of the pack for most of the round with April sitting in the middle with a 3rd in the first race. Andrew Lockett would take first place in the first race but not be able to back this up when Robert McAfee and Brett Scarey found their form to take out 1st and 2nd respecitvely for the last two races.


The formula racing field features Ralt RT4s, RF88’s, Chevron B19s and B20s, Lla T492s and other vintage race cars. The WA Racing Museum holds custodianship of some of these cars and is kind enough to let them out to play with the drivers.

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