For West Australian motorsport enthusiasts the prospect of being able to participate in a motorsport event is often viewed as expensive and out of reach, especially when it comes to being able to participate at an event located at a world class motorsport facility.

However on Friday 11th September, the WA Sporting Car Club are hosting a come-and-try Motorkhana event from 6pm until 11pm at Wanneroo Raceway which will be open to anyone with a road registered car after paying a small license fee for the night.

Perhaps one of the least known forms of motorsport, Motorkhana is where a driver is put through their paces testing their ability to complete a pre-determined layout in the least amount of time possible. Penalties are given for hitting barriers and the fastest time taken to complete the course is awarded the win of the event.

For the come-and-try event, which is getting the name “Car Control Challenge”, there will be no penalties for hitting the bollards, witches hats, stakes or going the wrong way nor will high speed runs be encouraged as this is specifically a low speed trial. Strictly bragging rights only for this event.

In addition to the Motorkhana, the WA Sporting Car Club will be hosting a free sausage sizzle for participants and supporters while they chat about their runs, perhaps ignite some friendly rivalry and enjoy a night out at Wanneroo Raceway.

For anyone who is interested in entering the event, it costs just $25 for a special Motorsport Australia license for the night, plus $20 entry per car. Each car can have up to four drivers, which means for a group of four people it will cost $30 per person to have a run on the layout.

For full details and to register, interested persons should get in contact with the WA Sporting Car Club on 08 9306 8022.

For more details check out the event description in the Upcoming Events calendar on the home page.