WA Sporting Car Club returns to racing

On Sunday 21st June 2020, the WA Sporting Car Club will hold it’s June race meet, only the 2nd race meet of the year after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown motorsport throughout Australia.

The club has been working with Motorsport Australia to ensure the event runs within their Return to Race guidelines which assist clubs to ensure compliance with local legislation in place regarding limits on public gatherings.

The WA Sporting Car Club will return with restrictions in place to ensure officials and competitors are kept safe with social distancing monitoring in place and limits on the numbers of crew permitted into the Wanneroo Raceway complex for the race meet.

Currently only the competitor and one support pit crew member are permitted and no spectators will be able to gain access to the complex over the day.

This Sunday, the car club will be welcoming back 6 categories with Formula Ford, Excel Cup, Historic Touring Cars, Improved Production Cars, Formula Vee and Saloon cars all taking to the track bringing a combined 130 competitors back to racing action.

Peter Dyball, WA Sporting Car Club’s chair of Competition & Events had this to say “We’ve had to work out ways our flag marshals can do their jobs yet remain in compliance with distancing requirements — in some cases we’ve been fortunate to have flag teams who are family members, which means they can be inside the same flag position.”

“The race meeting starts with the drivers briefing at 7.30am and while this is usually uneventful, the drivers briefing is normally conducted in our WASCC clubhouse. However for this event it will be conducted over the track PA system, with drivers standing outside their carports or garages.”

“All of these procedures are part of a COVID-19 Safety Plan and Venue Management Plan we’ve prepared for the event.”

“The restrictions mean we can’t conduct trophy ceremonies or have drinks in the clubhouse.”

The WA Sporting Car Club will have regular updates throughout the day on their social media pages as well as post event highlights available.

All the track action starts at 8am, and updates will be posted throughout the day.

Check out their Facebook page for more details and other upcoming events.