Committee Comment – July 2019

Photo credit – BeardySnaps

It’s been steady as she goes this month for the Barbagallo track. We saw a great race meeting on 23rd June, the first wet weather event on the resurfaced track. Everyone has been wondering how the new surface would perform in the wet and the post-meeting feedback was very positive. Drivers from a range of categories reported the new surface performing well in the wet.

As well as the June race meeting some of the activities at Barbagallo Raceway have included, Point2Point, CAMS Speed Event Series, Skidfest, an MCRC race meeting, Driftwest and D1WA events, V8 Drive Day and Track Action Moto Ride Days. From the corporate side, WA Police and FMG conducted driver training activities.

Given a fairly routine month on the track, it’s probably a good time to provide members with a few other Committee-related items.

WASCC recently provided our response to the freshly revised WA Motorsport Strategy. The new strategy represented a major shift by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries when compared with the original draft, released in August 2018.  Notwithstanding this, the Club still has issues around the lack of stakeholder consultation in the development of the revised strategy and the composition of the representative industry working group. A separate briefing note will be provided to members in the near future.

Each month at our regular Committee meeting a new member list is provided for Committee to approve, as per our Constitution. What struck the Committee this month was the large number of people applying for membership. It was also great to see some previous members coming back. While the numbers of new members are usually good, for some reason this month it was extra good.

The Committee also received an update on the implementation of the Club’s new Customer Relationship Management System. Since approval of the system in September 2018 there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we are quickly getting close to a significant point in the development which will impact all members, the roll-out of member Smart Cards. The Smart Cards will allow simple access to events, the ability to load funds to a member account and pay for race entries, membership renewals, tuning days and across the bar at McCrackan House. A lot more options and functionality will evolve after the initial roll-out. This is an exciting development in member administration for the Club.

The Club is changing banks. Recently the Club’s current provider, St George Bank, advised they would be closing their Joondalup branch. The Club management needs to use a local branch services on a regular basis and the closure would mean the closest branch would be in centre of Perth. After research of the services offered and branch location, BankWest has been selected and approved as WASCC’s new bank services provider. Members entering events or paying entry fees will need to ensure they update the Club payment details for payment. The WASCC office will notify all members of the exact details when the transition takes place.

WASCC and Barbagallo Raceway has a range of events and activities planned for July, we don’t know whether rain will be around on the day, however it’s a pretty fair bet the weather will be chilly and everyone will need to be rugged up. Whatever your track activity, we hope you have a great time and stay safe.