WASCC received advice from CAMS that it could not continue with a system of pre-season inspections if it was going to mandate these within regulations. This was promulgated through the Competition and Events Committee.

WASCC circuit racing events always have and will continue to use the CAMS Audit system, where your car receives a CAMS Audit every 4 meetings or once every 12 months.

The WASCC Mandatory Pre Season Inspection was a separate system on top of the CAMS Audit.
This year CAMS head office has instructed WASCC to drop our Mandatory Pre Season Inspection for 2 main reasons.

Firstly’ that a mandatory club inspection outside of the CAMS Audit is in conflict of NCRs for CAMS race meetings. Secondly, as WASCC ran its own inspection system, we may have been liable should something happen to a competitor due to a mechanical problem that our system could/should have picked up.

Please Find a CAMS Audit Check sheet HERE. It’sreally good check sheet to ensure your car is in top safe working order. This is the same audit sheet the CAMS Scrutineers use to check your car at race meetings.

Every Class should nominate an Eligibility officer, who should hold a scrutineer licence, and assist with the Scrutineers at race meetings.