WASCC Pit Passes – President’s Message

Drivers are issued four pit passes so that their crew (who either can’t or won’t join the Club) can enter the venue and support our competitors. That is what the pit pass is for. The privilege of unfettered entry into the venue is reserved for members and guests invited by the Club. Whether or not this has been effectively policed over the years – that is the policy.

The change in administering the pit passes to be consistent with the policy has raised a perception that there was a change in the conditions when, in fact, pit passes are not intended to be an ‘all access pass’ that allows unfettered access to Club events.

I take several made points well – perhaps there is no longer a place for paid entry into the venue…that we cling to the notion that people who are not inherently invested in motorsport will actually pay to watch local categories race. However, that discussion has not been had and to allow for that diminishment of what is currently a privilege reserved for members would need a change in policy following a consultative process.

It’s unfortunate that over the years there has been a laxity in the protection of members’ privileges so that the conferment of these privileges to non-members has become normal and even the expectation. Maybe the new ‘normal’ should be the case, however, that discussion and decision making process has to occur. I have initiated a consultative, strategic planning process that will re-examine all aspects of who we are and how we value membership and plan to get that underway soon.